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Same started barbera college in Pasadena in 1958 and graduated in 1959.

His first job was at Alhambra Barber Shop on Main Street, wanting to further his education, he moved to the San Fernando Valley to learn hairstyling.

After he ran out of schools to attend he taught hairstyling and razor cutting for an international organization called Roffler.

Sam soon found out that he didn’t want to instruct and moved back to Alhambra to open a shop with his brother-in-law at Crawfords corner.

In 1969 he opened his own shop on Main Street and was there for over 30 years.

Due to their consectutive development projects he moved three times and now he settled at 1103 E. Main St.

Since his first shop Sam also had a passion for fundraising and has been involved with over 40 charities.

He has also given hundreds of cuts to people at their homes or hospital never excepting any money from them or tips.

It’s not unusual to drive by Sam’s at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning and seeing him cut hair and having a food drive or a toy drive or selling Girl Scout cookies.


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